My journey into printmaking began several years ago when I attended a wom*n’s meeting at a community space in Kreuzberg. We made postcards using linocut for wom*n currently in prison. I was fascinated immediately by the reproducibility of our prints and instantly became hooked. Over time, I gradually added more tools to my collection and initiated a small group of other wom*n printmaking enthusiasts who meet regularly to inspire each other and share tools. Though I mostly work on linoleum, I’m also interested in other printmaking techniques, such as drypoint etching on TetraPak and monoprints with found objects.

In 2023, I’m participating in Garden Print Fest.

My prints are mostly inspired by nature but also themes of love and loneliness occasionally creep into my work. I often print on paper which I make myself using packaging I find in the paper recycling bin. I’m currently experimenting with ways to create printmaking ink based on natural pigments (though this is still a learning process!).  If you would like to purchase a print, check out my Etsy shop.

Want to book a workshop to get started on your own linoprint journey? Or looking for a fun and creative teambuilding event for your company?