Driven by my desire to live as resource-conscious as possible, I was keen to discover if I could avoid using fresh papers for my prints and decided to delve into the world of papermaking to discover how I could use trash to create beautiful paper at home. I don’t follow the traditional technique. Instead, things like empty packets of oats or flour or old letters humbly find their way into becoming new paper that I embellish with prints, colour with natural pigments or use in collages.

I’m also a member of the the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA).

I absolutely love sharing this technique with others – people are usually fascinated by the beautiful potential of what is in their paper recycling bin. Handmade paper can really lend a personal touch to your greeting cards or wedding invitations, and also be used for drawings and letters. 

Want to book a workshop and learn how to transform trash into treasure?

Guide to homemade papermaking

Want to purchase a fun print illustrated by me explaining how to make paper at home in your kitchen?

€5,95 incl. postage (within Germany)

(Risoprinted with plant-based inks on paper made from 50% recycled straw from Metapaper)